I'm Paul. I'm a comedy director/writer living in Los Angeles.

Some heavily curated facts about me:

I directed the TV pilots "Middle Of The Night Show" (MTV) and "Adam Ruins Everything" (TruTV). I am currently producing and directing on their first seasons.

I recently directed a pilot presentation called "Imaginary Friend" for NBC's Comedy Playground Competition. It won and will be a full network pilot for NBC.

My short film "Donald And Jess" was officially selected to screen at the 2015 South By Southwest Film Festival.

I was a full time director for CollegeHumor. Some of my work, including "Daria: The Movie (With Aubrey Plaza)", "Second Cheapest Wine", and "Gift Shop", got over a million views. Adjusted for inflation, that's like a billion views today. 

I've also directed and written for Comedy Central, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Broadway Video, and Berman Braun.

From time to time, I stand in front of the camera and pretend to feel things. I had a supporting role in the film Obvious Child, which was distributed by A24 films and directed by Gillian Robespierre. I also wrote and performed in UCB's Onassis and Bleak Comedy

Additionally, I've done creative work for The Onion, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and The Midnight Show.

I am represented by 3Arts and UTA.